Return to Calais – August

Earlier this month, after hearing Calais kitchens have been running low on food we made the decision to take another trip across the Channel. We took only food and computers. One of the advantages to constantly fundraising is that when there is an emergency you can react quickly instead of

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Update from the Jungle

One of our fundraisers and overall supporters Connor has been spending time in the Jungle, fixing kids bikes and being generally helpful. It had been a few months since I had been back and after receiving a donation of art supplies for the refugees there, decided to join him on

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With ten hours until my flight home, I’ve plenty of time to reflect on the past month. I could use various words to describe it, eye-opening and humbling to name but a few. While the two of us haven’t experienced the crisis at its worst, we have become aware of

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morning tide

On the Morning Tide

‘They’ll never make it to Skala, the tide’s too strong.’ Pete was right. The rescue boat checked all was good and pointed our day’s first boat in the direction of Chapel – a stretch of pebbled beach ideal for landing boats, much closer than Skala, named for the secluded little

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afghan hill 1

Afghan Hill

We took  a trip to Moria for the first time on Tuesday. As there were no refugees waiting in Mytilini for the ferry to Athens, we drove up to the old prison, now a camp where we were asked to head to the warehouse and help sort through the plethora of bagged

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One Obstacle after Another

Refugees leave their homes due to unrest beyond any scale that we can imagine. Their journey is hard, emotional and never gets any easier. Sometimes, even finally stepping foot on European soil doesn’t make things any easier… The north has remained quiet for nearly a week now. We remain watchful.

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Pete and man

The Spirit of Lesbos

I was recently told that situations like this, those that can throw a small part of the world onto the international stage bring both the best and worst out in people. Here on Lesbos, we’ve seen some of the best. We’ve been welcomed into a Norwegian NGO, been made a

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